Who is this Jesus?

Jesus is the Saviour of the world that through His life and resurrection made contact between God and humans possible. He is the remover of the distance between us and God, and wishes most of all to guide you to a living relationship with Him.


Humans have through all ages, everywhere and in all religious believes tried to show themselves worthy of God.

Jesus changed everything.

During our struggle to reach up to God, Jesus reaches down from God to us. And at His arrival He became a man, so that He could represent us in front of God. By living a life totally free of sin and sacrifice on the cross, He paid for all of our mistakes and that way established peace between God and us. God accepted this payment, and did it by resurrecting Jesus from death. Because of this, God is no longer carrying a receipt saying how much we owe Him, He is carrying a receipt saying how much He has paid for us. There is no mistake you can do that is able to scare God away from you, and no good deed you can do that will make God come down to you. You can come as you are, and receive what He has laid ready for you.

Based on this anyone, anytime and anywhere can come home to God, exactly as they are, and experience the richness and joy a life with God will bring. God is already your friend. Nothing is stopping you from becoming His.