OKS Romerikskirken – A Church for people like you

OKS Romerikskirken is a church for all kind of people, and especially for you who do not usually attend church.

The mood and atmosphere might be different from what you are accustomed to from other churches. The music might be a little louder, what you see on stage more modern, and the musical style could be unfamiliar. But the center of it all is based on the teachings and words of Jesus Christ – He is the Son of God, and through Him everybody can experience Gods mercy and love in our lives.

We believe that the love of God is meant to be shared between humans – nobody was lonely in the company of Jesus, and our dream, goal and mission is that nobody shall be lonely in our company either – or anywhere else, for that matter. We exist to fight loneliness, and believe Jesus showed us the way: Invite, include and involve!

OKS Romerikskirken is the main base for the network of OKS churches. The church is located on Kjeller, approximately 20 minutes outside Oslo centre.

Our weekly program

Our Sunday services are the highlights of the week at OKS Romerikskirken.

Our regular service hours every Sunday: 12 NOON and 5 PM.
The service at 5:00 PM is normally for young adults (age 18-29), but one Sunday each month we have Super Sunday, and at 5 PM we will have a service focusing on worship, simple preaching and plenty of time for both prayer for the sick, baptism of the Spirit and various forms of ministry.
English interpretation is provided. Please contact our crew at the Connect-stand when you arrive at the church for more information.

In addition, we also have regular meetings for kids and youth:
OKS Kidz – parallel services to the 12-service, for kids between 3-12 years. 
OKS Young & Free – Youth service or Youth Life groups at Romerikskirken every Friday at 7 PM.

Exceptions may occur, so stay tuned to our calendar. Please be aware that our program is changed during the summer and in December, please check out details in our calendar. 


Where you can find us

Address: Trondheimsveien 50, 2007 Kjeller

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