Life groups

Life groups are an important part of our everyday life, and in the life groups we meet at home with each other, to build friendship and strengthen our relationship with God.

You get an opportunity to learn from others’ thoughts about both everyday relevant and spiritual issues. We believe that it is important to get to know each other in ways other than on Sundays, where we gather for our regular church service to celebrate God and life.

When we open our homes we share our lives with each other, but also open up our hearts to others. We meet in a very informal setting and recognize each other as human beings, and not only that «church-goers» on Sundays.

A Life group has between 8 and 10 members, that way it is easier to build close and personal relationships.

Who belong in a life group?

No matter how your relationship is with Jesus – strong believer, in doubt or insecure, there will always be a place for you in one of our groups.

We are all equally valuable in the eyes of God, and all are equally valuable in our eyes. Jesus died and was resurrected for the human kind, and being a human, you are qualified.