Information regarding services in OKS

As of Saturday, September 25th, registration is no longer required to attend our events, but if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or are in quarantine, you can unfortunately not participate.


We are deeply grateful to all the volunteers and to the whole church, in the way you have handled this season and responded in various ways. It has been demanding and remains demanding, but the season is full of so many stories, testimonies and bright spots and we are full of hope and expectation. We stand together during these times, and we all make an extra effort to call and be aware of those who do not live with families or in a collective.

We follow the national guidelines. Since we have churches in six different municipalities, there are slightly different conditions that apply to the services. Stay tuned to the calendar for the church you are attending.

May God bless you richly, and take good care of each other!


Please keep reading for important information regarding attendance at the services at the locations that still have services, and answers to other questions you may have.

Pre-registration (for free, of course) is still required to attend a OKS services at all locations.

It is a simple and uncomplicated process, and each service/gathering will have its own registration link that you will find in the calendar for each church.

This is to make sure that we do not gather more than the number that is allowed, and to keep track of everyone that attends a service for potential contact tracing.

The small amount of personal information you leave in the registration will only be used for this purpose. You do not have to be a member of the church to register for a service.

Is it safe to attend a service now?
With the measures and guidelines that is now being followed, we think it is a lower risk to visit church than many other arenas in the community that are open.

The OKS administration has worked through the official guidelines, established routines, and shared this knowledge to the leaders in the different OKS locations.

No one is one hundred percent «protected» from being infected. 

We believe it is healthy and good to participate in a Sunday service – for our mental health, our spiritual health, for the church life and the social life.

Other important information
If you are in quarantine, suspect being sick, have symptoms of respiratory infection or other mild symptoms, you cannot attend any services or other events.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by our friendly volunteers, and they will check that you are registered for the service. They can help you register when you arrive, if there are any «free spots» in the amount allowed.

Everyone that is not from the same household must keep at least 1 metre distance. No hugging or hand shaking. The rules for good hand hygiene still apply, and there will be antibac available when you enter the building and at other relevant places.

Like you may have experiences at airports, our volunteers may ask you a couple of simple questions, to make sure that you are familiar with the infection control measures.

All our measures and routines exist for your safety and with the purpose of making church safe. You as an attendee is welcome to enjoy the service, as long as you have understood the general guidelines for infection control.

God bless you!