About Oslo Christian Center (OKS)

OKS is a church for all kind of people, and especially for you who do not usually attend church.

The mood and atmosphere might be different from what you are accustomed to from other churches. The music might be a little louder, what you see on stage more modern, and the musical style could be unfamiliar. But the center of it all is based on the teachings and words of Jesus Christ – He is the Son of God, and through Him everybody can experience Gods mercy and love in our lives.

We believe that the love of God is meant to be shared between humans – nobody was lonely in the company of Jesus, and our dream, goal and mission is that nobody shall be lonely in our company either – or anywhere else, for that matter. We exist to fight loneliness, and believe Jesus showed us the way: Invite, include and involve!

A part of something greater

OKS was established on Grorud in 1985, but consists today of six different communities in Norway, the «mother church» located at Kjeller on Romerike (OKS Romerikskirken). Even though OKS is an independent church in Norway, we are closely related to most of the Norwegian Christian community.

OKS is a member of Norges Kristne Råd (the Norwegian Christian Counsil) along with Den Norske Kirke (The Church of Norway) and Pinsebevegelsen (Pentecostal movement) among others.

Among all of this, OKS has also defined an own vision, a cultural goal and a set of values we want to define us and our «personality» as a church. At the same time we consider ourselves a small part of a huge landscape, and we often collaborate across the different denominations.

Among our members you will find people without any particular Christian background or upbringing, and people who do not yet quite know what they believe in is very welcome to us.